Material Handling

High temperature bearings and bearing units that are designed to deliver increased reliability, reduced complexity and decreased environmental impact in operating temperatures over 300 °C (572 °F), making these products very suitable for applications in kiln trucks, roller hearth furnaces, and bakeries.

Off-road Construction

Off-road construction machinery may work at low speed, but to raise productivity and reduce downtime, reliable operation under intense pressure is key. Operators need to comply with strict environmental standards, control costs and improve machine performance. Our expertise can help you achieve this. Components such as bearings play a key role in improving rotating equipment performance.

Mechanical Parking

Improve efficiency and reliability with quality bearings from Techno Overseas. Our mechanical parking system specific products help you obtain lower life cycle costs by letting you use bearings to their full potential.


HVAC owners and operators are under pressure to lower energy consumption – not only because energy consumption is a major cost over the life cycle, but also because of the increasing focus on environmental sustainability. Reducing maintenance needs and  noise levels improve the working environment are also top priorities. Techno Overseas offers a wide range of solutions, developed to meet the varied needs of the HVAC industry. We can help address all areas of reliability, efficiency, and performance issues in your air handling units.

Food Processing

With the continuous pressure to optimize production, reduce costs and comply with strict health, safety and environmental regulations, food and beverage processors and OEMs are always exploring new technologies and services that can address these business challenges. Food grade is commonly considered to be the equivalent of having food-grade seals, food-grade lubricant and corrosion-resistant bearing units. Techno Overseas’ current generation of bearing units are already food-grade products.

...and many more industries and applications

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