In light of growing food insecurity in some parts of the world, agricultural machinery can play an important role in helping to efficiently achieve stable yields from crop production. Various types of agricultural implements are used depending on environmental conditions and manner of specific crop production in a given country or region.

Tractors are the primary machines used in crop production and handling work. By mounting implements to a tractor’s drawbar or power take-off (PTO), fields can be cultivated, seeds can be planted, fertilizers and be spread, and agricultural chemicals can be applied.

Bearings are used throughout various components of the tractor such as the engine, transmission, wheel hubs, etc. under muddy working conditions and heavy load conditions.

Moreover, tractors and implements that are used in the vast fields of some farms in India are huge, which place severe demands on the bearing. It is under such harsh working conditions that customers expect bearings to be highly reliable while offering superior cost performance.

Techno Overseas: Experience & Technology

Agricultural machinery bearings must offer a long service life while operating in harsh environments of mud, water, and heavy loads, while ensuring sufficient resistance against contamination from foreign debris.
Techno Overseas offers various bearing products that meet these demands. By sourcing bearing that have been manufactured through the application of high-end technologies, Techno Overseas is able to provide customers with bearings that offer unprecedented longer service life and are highly resistant to foreign matter.

Techno Overseas will continue efforts to further meet customer needs with bearings and bearing products using cutting-edge technologies.